• Inner layer registration drilling machine.
  • Outer layer registration drilling machine.
  • OptimaTest for high precision measurements of films, inner layers and layer shifting of laminated multilayers
  • Registration hole drilling for electrical and optical testing
  • Tooling hole drilling for routing and scoring
  • Pin registration/packaging for drilling machine
  • Tooling hole drilling for screen printing
  • Reference hole drilling of films for registration



  1. Modular upgrade possible up to a fully automatic line
  2. High performance.
  3. Highest precision, measurement accuracy < 2,5 µm
  4. Measurement data statistically stored
  5. Layers will be classified by tolerance range
  6. Universal machine for measuring and drilling of many different jobs in the PCB business
  7. Flexible panel size (setup time < 1 min.)
  8. Large panel size 850 x 850 mm (33" x 33")
  9. Drilled hole-diameter tolerance < 10 µm (enormous problems when punching: various thickness of the boards need different die clearance)
  10. Low tool costs (fast drill change)
  11. OptimaTest replaces expensive x-ray tester
  12. Very small footprint
  13. Extraordinarily good price performance rate


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