Waxco Conveyor


Waxco Conveyor

  • The MOBILE CONVEYOR is designed as a machine to transport boards horizontally. 
  • The MOBILE CONVEYOR's principal function is to acta as a conveyor at the entry or exit of machinery that does not have its own conveyors, in this way the conveyor ensures a perfect horizontal presentation of the boards at the entry or exit point. 
  • The MOBILE CONVEYOR is simply and robustly constructed in painted iron plate, and all the mechanical elements used in its construction are proven to guarantee a reliable continuous function without problems.

Waxco Centering




  • The WAXCO Board Centering unit adaptable to any pcb size. May be used either loading or unloading.
  • The WAXCO Board Centering unit may be either an independent unit, or installed on the conveyor of WAXCO Flipper, Index and Eureka.
  • Manufactured using top quality materials.
  • Max. size: 620 mm.
  • Min. size: 200 mm.
  • Thicknes: 0.10 mm. - 5.00 mm.