Waxco Sherpa

Multi Panel Loader



  • Designed to handler rigid PCBs for cleaning lines & chemical tin plating, etc. even after drilling, routing and scoring processes. Specially those rigid boards with shapes, or cut outs, contouring, dusty, multiple drilling even on the edges. These boards are extremely difficult to handle due to the drill holes which invalidate the use of loading equipment fitted with suction cups.
  • Compact, robust construction.
  • Large working capacity.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Output external signal to synchronize Sherpa commands: delivery, stop, start, to procesing machinery.
  • Overall dimensions: 1300 x 1273 x 1691 mm. height
  • Adjustable arms which permit handling pcbs ranging in size from extremely large to extremely small.
  • Minimun boards size: 30 mm. x 110 mm. (height)
  • Maximun boards size: 680 mm. x 515 mm. (height)
  • Board thickness min / max.: 0,4 mm. x 4 mm.
  • Variable Speed conveyor 0 – 15 mts. per minute.
  • Max. Circuit pack's height: 450 mm. (1000 mm. optional)
  • Customizing on request.


Sherpa Brochure in pdf format

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