Waxco Out

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Waxco Out

Waxco OUT unloader

  • New version with reinforced column, to enable load more PCB's on the table.
  • The WAXCO OUT receives boards form an outfeed conveyor from horizontal processing machines. The boards go through a pair of nip rollers which raise the board's leading edge, thereby minimizing the risk of scratching and interface movement. The boards are then stacked on the table. A centralising conveyor may be placed in front to ensure the boards all come in a set position for uniform stacking.
  • The WAXCO OUT may be used as an independent unloader, it is compatible with the majority of conveyorized production processing lines used in manufacturing printed circuit boards. WAXCO OUT may stack boards used in conjunction with the WAXCO IN LOADER allowing the process to be fully automatic.
  • The different board thicknesses are automatically compensated for by the photo-electric cell sensor for stack height.
  • Relatively small batches of boards may be stacked, as it is not necessary to adjust the machine from one size to another.
  • The standard machine requires the table to be raised to its operating position by pressing the UP button. If the machine has the optional automatic return incorporated the table returns to the correct height automatically. This allows the WAXCO OUT to be unloaded without having to stop the machine. There is an audible alarm when the table is full.
  • The unloader has limit switches to limit both the upward and downward movement of the table.


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