Waxco IN

Waxco In

Waxco IN loader

  • New version with reinforced column, to enable load more PCB's on the table.
  • The WAXCO IN feeder is designed to handle circuit boards, flat materials, rigid or semi-rigid materials such as aluminium, stainless steel etc.
  • The WAXCO IN feeder is robust, it has a sturdy enameled steel frame, with the rest of the unit made from pvc and stainless steel both of which are corrosion resistant.
  • The WAXCO IN feeder automatically places boards onto a process machinery conveyor.
  • The WAXCO IN may be used as an independent machine compatible with the majority of conveyorized production machinery and process lines used in pcb manufacture.
  • The WAXCO IN can load boards which may then be collected manually or it may be used together with a WAXCO OUT to give a completely automated process.
  • The WAXCO IN handles boards that are drilled over almost their whole surface as it only requires a narrow band of less than 25 mm. On one side free from holes.
  • With the table in a partial or completely lowered position the boards are piled against the machines front limit. The table can then be raised automatically and it will start to load when the top part of the pile is detected by the photoelectric cell. The table rises as the pile is reduced.
  • The different board thicknesses are automatically compensated for by the photoelectric cell which senses the height of the pile.
  • The piles must be uniformly stacked on the loading table.
  • Relatively small batches may be stacked as it is not necessary to alter the machine for different board sizes.It is not necessary to wait until the table is empty before re-loading. Boards, in small quantities, may be added at any time without stopping the machine, although the table has to be lowered the required height.
  • The WAXCO IN has limit switches to limit both the upward and downward table movement.
  • The WAXCO IN has a timer fitted to delay the feed cycle so it can adapt to feed different board sizes.
  • Using the roller velocity control the WAXCO IN adapts board feeding rates.


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