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Waxco Flipper

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Semi vertical Loader or Unloader


Semi-vertical pcb handler designed to load or unload pcbs using trolleys.

The Waxco Flipper is made in two different funtions:


For each there are 2 versions:

  • FLIPPER STANDARD with green stackable trolley.
  • FLIPPER TWO TOUCH SCREEN, for thinner PCB's with white trolley non-stackble.



The Flipper Standard is ideal for rigid boards between 0,2 and 3,2 mm.

The Flipper Two Ts is for all types of boards, rigid and flexible, between 0,1 and 4 mm.

The trolleys fit into each other for easy storage, and are extremely useful for transporting boards between processes and as holding stations.

Waxco Flipper trolley

For thinner PCB's the trolleys are stronger and therefore no stackable.

Waxco Flipper Trolley HD

Control by PLC

Control by PLC with touch screen allows registrations of number of boards per shift, shut off after X number of boards (sampling), display showing type of alarm, timer, etc. The user may adjust all parameters.

flipper touchscreen2


  • The Waxco Flipper handles the pcbs with great care avoiding any scratching problems.
  • Variable conveyor speed: 0-10 mts. per minute.
  • Input - output external signal to synchronize Flipper commands: delivery, stop, start, to processing machinery.
  • Customizing on request.