Waxco Twin


Semi-vertical Loader o Unloader o Buffer


TWIN is a new manipulator that combines versatility with the latest technology introduced by Waxco.

TWIN is a semi-vertical Loader or Unloader or Buffer station for a wide range of panels, without the need for adjustments since it adapts to the thickness of PCBs that can vary from 0.1 mm to 3.2 mm.

The touch screen allows easy control of all the parameters of the TWIN.

PLC input and output system for control of machine functions. With the possibility of working with interleaves as an Inserter or Extractor that allows its location in any part of the line due to its compact design.



Waxco RoboWax


logo robowax


  • Robowax is a machine that mixes versatility with the latest technology introduced by Waxco.
  • This machine is a semi-vertical Loader/Unloader/Buffer station for a wide range of boards, with no need for adjustment as the thickness of the PCBs vary from 0.1mm upto 3.2mm.
  • An Easy Touch-Screen configuration to enable fast modifications and problema resolving.
  • PLC entry and exit system for a control of the functions of the machine.
  • With possibility to work with interleaves as an Inserter or Extractor enabling the addition in any part of the line due to the smalll nature of the machine for easy placement.


RoboWax brochure in pdf format
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Waxco Diverter 90º 3 Directions

Waxco Diverter




  • WAXCO DIVERTER 90° 3 DIRECTIONS (left - right - straight ahead) consists of a roller conveyor and a hinged belt conveyor both with variable speed control.
  • Robust, and compact manufactured in top quality aluminium, triphasic motors, frequency converter and controlled by PLC.
  • Prepared to be controlled via external signal from process machinery.
  • Easy, automatic operation, with automatic positioning independent of the board size, this means the operator does not have to adjust anything.
  • Maximum board size 610 x 610 mm.

Waxco Eureka

Waxco Eureka

  • A fully automatic machine, for feeding and collecting printed circuit boards using cassettes of 30 PCB's.
  • Waxco Eureka handle all PCB standard formats in two sizes:
    • EUREKA 50
    • EUREKA 100
  • Four versions available:
  • And for every version there are 3 options
    • NORMAL: Standard boards until 3,2 mm.
    • DUAL HEAVY: Specially adapted to combine standard boards up to 3,2 mm. and backpanels up to 5 mm. (0,196")
    • 5.2 HEAVY: Boards up to 5 mm (0,196")
  • Variable speed, with frequency converter.
  • Unloads without stopping.
  • No need to make adjustments for different board thicknesses.
  • Robust motor with precise positioning.
  • Synchronised proximity switch.
  • Control by PLC
    • WAXCO CONVEYOR: infeed and/or outfeed conveyor belt. Additional trolleys. Max. board thickness 5 mm. (0,196")


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Waxco Flipper

Waxco Flipper

Logo Waxco Flipper

Semi vertical Loader or Unloader


Semi-vertical pcb handler designed to load or unload pcbs using trolleys.

The Waxco Flipper is made in two different funtions:


For each there are 2 versions:

  • FLIPPER STANDARD with green stackable trolley.
  • FLIPPER TWO TOUCH SCREEN, for thinner PCB's with white trolley non-stackble.



The Flipper Standard is ideal for rigid boards between 0,2 and 3,2 mm.

The Flipper Two Ts is for all types of boards, rigid and flexible, between 0,1 and 4 mm.

The trolleys fit into each other for easy storage, and are extremely useful for transporting boards between processes and as holding stations.

Waxco Flipper trolley

For thinner PCB's the trolleys are stronger and therefore no stackable.

Waxco Flipper Trolley HD

Control by PLC

Control by PLC with touch screen allows registrations of number of boards per shift, shut off after X number of boards (sampling), display showing type of alarm, timer, etc. The user may adjust all parameters.

flipper touchscreen2


  • The Waxco Flipper handles the pcbs with great care avoiding any scratching problems.
  • Variable conveyor speed: 0-10 mts. per minute.
  • Input - output external signal to synchronize Flipper commands: delivery, stop, start, to processing machinery.
  • Customizing on request.