Waxco Insertron

Waxco Insertron

Semivertical loader or unloader for inserting or extracting interleaves

  • Compatible with Flipper series
  • Semi-vertical pcb handler designed to load or unload pcbs using trolleys.
  • For any type of pcb from innerlayers 0.1 mm. thick to 4.0 mm. thick, panel size minimun 250 x 150 mm. to maximum 550 x 780 mm. or 660 x 780 mm.
  • PLC controlled, allows registrations and control depending on the customer demands. The user may adjust all parameters.
  • Touch Screen in Colours.
  • Input - output external signal to synchronize Insertron commands: delivery, stop, start, to processing machinery.
  • Customizing on request.
  • Centering optional.


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